Bradley Labs Guitar Amplifiers

The Bradley Labs Iron Horse 6V6 Guitar Amplifier

Tone. Power. Hand-built Quality.

Respecting the sounds of the past while leading the new wave of guitar amplifier innovation.

Imagine playing an amp where you can achieve warm, sparkling clean tones, and by increasing the guitar’s volume knob, achieve musical overdrive that sounds like your favorite cranked vintage amp, but better!  Flip a switch and get even more drive and more musical power-tube distortion that you simply have to hear to believe. 

Enjoy complete control over the output power section:  run it with a single tube in class A, half power with 2 tubes in class AB, or full power with all 4 6V6s together.  If that is not enough, you can even choose the tube's output configuration from Pentode, Triode or Ultra-Linear.  Keep cranking the volume all the way to the right and hear our innovative 'volume quench' function, reducing volume without sacrificing sustain and distortion.

Perfect for the stage, studio, or as the ultimate tone connoisseur’s home amp of choice, the Iron Horse will exceed your expectations and inspire your playing.

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