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We are excited to present the first limited run (serial #'s 1-5) of the Iron Horse Amplifier, available in late March 2010.   

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Don Bradley
(holder of over 38 U.S. and foreign patents in Electrical Engineering) is a prolific inventor and leading pioneer in the Test and Measurement Industry.  He holds the position of Senior Fellow at a leading Test and Measurement company and is warmly recognized around the campus as "The Wizard".  Don also has extensive experience in musical electronics gained while coming of age in the 60’s, and has been a guitar player since his teens.  Don enjoys wowing his neighbors and co-workers with his high-powered Tesla coil, and taking time off to travel to warm, tropical places.

Matt Agresta is the sales side of Bradley labs.  Matt has an extensive background in Sales Operations and Management.  A guitar player for 25 years, he caught the bug and never let it die.  He is a die-hard tone chaser and has been lucky enough to work with Don watching him bring the Iron Horse to life.  In his spare time, he has the world's most understanding wife and kids, and plays in a local band called The Newcastle Brothers.  The Iron Horse will be getting played a lot this summer!


Together, Don and Matt are an unlikely pair.  Matt still can’t get Don excited about the first Van Halen album, and Don can’t get Matt all hot and bothered about the “Ventures”.  They do agree on one thing:  Building tube amplifiers that will blow you off the planet!

Bradley Labs Action Pictures:

Here is the birth of Bradley Labs.  Below is a 1959 Newspaper clip of Don (12 years old) demonstrating his invention at the local science fair.

Fun at Bradley Labs:  Nothing brings more joy to a party than a Tesla coil!

"Dude, can you build me a guitar amp?"  Don explaining to Matt the intricacies of his Tesla Coil on June 13 2009.   After this conversation, Don designed the circuit.  He was stuck on a name until a suggestion from his old High School buddy Ben Perry.  On June 20th 2009, Don officially named his design "The Iron Horse".

Chronology and Evolution of the Iron Horse:

Jan 9, 2010


Happy new year everyone!  We've been busy over the past few months getting the site together to promote the Iron Horse and doing some clandestine demos.  So far, the reaction from players has been phenomenal.  Just this week, we took it to two local music stores here in the bay area for an audition.


In both instances, we saw smiles, excitement, and utter amazement.  At one of the stores, the Horse had to compete against a full line of top shelf Boutique amps:  65 Amps, Dr. Z, Mesa Boogie, Orange.   After 20 minutes playing the manager looked at me and smiled and said that he would not change one thing on the Iron Horse.  He was sold.  

April 4, 2010


Bradley Labs is proud to announce the birth of 5 new beautiful Iron Horses. All are in perfect health and ready to be adopted!


May 25, 2010


Bradley Labs submits speaker cab design to leading manufacturer of Speaker Cabinet enclosures


June 25, 2010


Proto speaker cabinet arrives. Testing done with Jensen MOD12-70 and Jensen Blackbird speakers


July 1, 2010


Final Speaker Cabinet design submitted. Bare wood and Shellac Cabinet ordered.


July 25, 2010


Speaker Cabinet Arrives. Beautiful job, 2 Purple covered speaker cabs with Silver Grill ordered.


Aug 1, 2010


Bradley Labs submits Head Cabinet design to Speaker Cabinet Manufacturer, quote received, unit ordered.


Aug 15, 2010


Proto Head Cabinet arrives. Modifications made and new drawings submitted, ordered Bare wood and Shellac Head Cabinet.

Aug 21 2010

Serial #2 made its strong debut at a summer Newcastle Brothers gig.  Best guitar tone gig of all time!

Aug 25, 2010


Head Cabinet arrives, another beautiful job, 2 purple covered Head cabs with Silver Grill ordered.


Sept 4, 2010


All speaker cabs and head cabs arrive, Jensen C12K speakers loaded into all cabs. Pink Noise break in on all cabs 2 Hrs min at 70Watts. Horses loaded into head cabs. (Amp burn in for 4 Hrs, Pink Noise 30 Watts into 8 Ohm load.)  Listening Tests performed, frequency sweep using Sound Pressure Meter to detect any cabinet buzzes or resonances.


Sept 12, 2010

Pictures taken for web Site.


Oct 10, 2010

Artwork for front panel grill logos submitted for fabrication

Nov 27, 2010

Logos delivered, mounted to head cab grills and non cabed head.

Jan 15, 2011

Submitted to leading guitar magazine for review.

Feb 11, 2011

Visit to guitar magazine headquarters for photo shoot.

March 17, 2011

Received copy of Guitar Player magazine April 2011 issue.
Featured full page in Opening Shots page 22

March 23, 2012

Guitar Player Magazine April 2012 Issue featuring review by Dave Hunter

October 5,2012

Started monthly add insertions in Guitar Player Magazine

November 9, 2012

 Submitted design for Combo to cabinet maker

December 14, 2012

Received first article Combo for acceptance.

January 25, 2013

duction of Combo