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Audio Samples

All sound samples were recorded direct with no additional signal processing.  A single microphone right up front on an open back 2 x 12 cabinet (loaded with Eminence speakers) and an additional microphone placed about 20 feet away were used to capture the tones of the amp.  Guitars used were a 1954 Reissue Thin Skin Fender Stratocaster with vintage 50's pickups and a 2009 Charvel San Dimas with a Duncan JB.  No effects were used (except on the last sample.)    

Recording Courtesy of Whitworth Sound Labs.  Playing by Matt Agresta.

Sound Sample 1:  Dirty Strat Blues - Neck Pickup /  2 output tubes / Triode

Sound Sample 2:  Class A Mayhem - Charvel / 1 output tube / Diode Rectifier

Sound Sample 3:  Rude 'Bucker - Charvel / 2 output tubes / Diode Rectifier


Sound Sample 4:  Clean Strat - Position 2 / 4 output tubes / Tube Rectifier

Sound Sample 5:  Rubbery Strat Blues  - Position 2, Neck / 2 output tubes / Tube Rectifier

Sound Sample 6:  What does it sound like with effects?   Strat  - 2 Output Tubes / Diode Rectifier - Clean into a variety of effects (MXR Analog Delay, Fulltone OCD, Danelectro Chicken Salad, Electro Harmonix Nano Metal Muff Fuzz.)  All effects run directly in front of the amp.