Bradley Labs Guitar Amplifiers

Bradley Labs Iron Horse Specifications

Iron Horse Model 6V6 Specifications

All Hand-Wired-Point-to-Point Construction


¼ inch Shorting Phone plug

Selectable Input Voltage Lo/Hi

Tone Stack

Bass Control

Middle Control

Treble Control

Selectable Pre Stack Shelving Filter Lo/Hi/Med

Selectable Drive Impedance LoZ/HiZ

Selectable Post Stack Shelving Filter Lo/Hi/Med

Selectable Post Stack Coupling Lo/Hi/Med


Volume Simultaneous Control of Pre Amp and Power Amp Gain

Brite  Lo/Off/Hi

Preamp, Gain, Phase splitter

Tube type 12DW7/ECC832, 12AX7/ECC83, 12AX7/ECC83


Presence Control

Feedback Control

Configuration Pentode/Triode/Ultra Linear


Selectable Bias Self/Fixed

Fixed Bias Control (mounted on chassis)

Selectable Power:
1Tube, Class (A1), 5 Watts, 7.5 Watts when Output Impedance is set to 1/2 the Speaker Impedance.
2Tubes, Class (AB1), 15 Watts

4Tubes, Class (AB1), 20 Watts

4Tubes, Class (AB1), 30 Watts when Output Impedance is set to 2 X Speaker impedance

(Resistive test impedance is 1.5 times the indicated front panel output impedance).

Selectable Output Impedance 4/8/16 Ohms

Tube type 6V6GT


Selectable Diode/Standby/Tube

Tube type 5AR4/GZ34



Selectable On/Off

Input Power 160 VA Max full power output

Factory selectable 100,110,120,200,220,240 VAC 50/60 Hz
USA Setting

Input Voltage 120VAC 60 Hz

Input Current 1.3A Max, 1.5A turn on surge

Fuse 3A SB
Connector 3 prong with ground